Beers and ciders

Our house beers are Uber Brew from Old Dairy Brewery and Larkins Traditional Bitter. Other Kent and Sussex breweries we like include Burning Sky, HollerRother Valley Brewing, Cellar Head and Three Legs. We do also bring cask ales to Rye from other parts of the UK, but the concentration is on local producers. We try to have one dark ale available at all times.

Beautiful cider and perry from Nightingale – just 9 miles from us – is on tap. They grow all their own apples and pears on the farm and use only traditional methods, so it’s the real deal.

For lovers of real lager, on tap we present the tremendous Röthaus Pils from the Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg and Oechsner Vier from Bavaria. They’re complemented with a fine selection of bottled German beers from across that great brewing nation.

Our pub’s name recalls a town in Belgium, so it would be remiss if we didn’t have some bottles from Flanders and Wallonia. We rotate the selection, but expect to see Trappist ales such as Orval, fruit beer like Bacchus Kriek and even (if you ask nicely, and landlord’s been over to Brussels recently) the legendary Cantillon Gueuze.

Finally, we have three dedicated craft keg taps, serving exciting beers from the UK and abroad. At the time of writing Work IPA from London’s Forest Road Brewing Co, Session IPA from local heroes Three Legs and Cloudwater Pioneer Pilsner from Manchester are on offer. Who knows what we’ll be pouring when you drop in?


We’ve chosen a list that’s a cut above standard pub fare. From our house wines – a fresh South African Chenin Blanc, an easy drinking Merlot and a delightful French rosé – to the top of our list – serious Chablis and Bordeaux blends – you’ll find what you need, just for a drink or to pair with dishes on our menu. We even sell local English wine – still and sparkling – from Gusbourne Estate, just a few miles from the pub in Appledore.


Alongside the standard spirits you’d expect in a pub, we’ve a compact but serious gin and whisky selection and premium Fevertree mixers.